Surveillance Specialists

Using the latest in modern technology, we operate some of the smallest and most technically advanced vehicle mounted and body worn surveillance equipment available. Whether it is cheating spouses or partners, insurance fraud, workers compensation claims, stolen property, injury, employee theft, counterfeit goods, general fraud, or industrial espionage.

There is no better way to obtain and document the true facts than irrefutable video and photographic evidence. Combined with our extensive experience, our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of the latest, high tech, state of the art, covert surveillance systems. Our vast array of equipment includes 35mm cameras, miniature hidden body worn audio and digital devices, audio bugs, telephone monitoring equipment, image intensifier equipment (capable of seeing and recording discreetly in total darkness), and undetectable high definition digital and video cameras hidden inside everyday items such as wrist watches, pagers, clocks, vases, cigarett packets etc.

We use body-worn miniature video cameras and recorders to allow us to get the evidence you need, even in indoor or potentially problematic situations. We also utilize equipment such as powerful zoom lenses for both photographic and video evidence also combined with infra red sights or image intensifier adapters to allow us to document activity from great distances or under the cover of darkness.

Whatever your surveillance needs, we are able to supply and use the best equipment available to get the evidence you need. We will provide you with the information you need and maintain regular contact to update you with the latest evidence either by using our secure web site viewing system or by post or arranged meetings.

Our services

  • Surveillance of individuals for matrimonial or domestic litigation or to establish insurance or disability fraud.
  • Surveillance to establish an unfaithful partner or to confirm or disprove adultery.
  • 24-hour indoor or outdoor surveillance to prevent vandalism, shoplifting or employee theft.
  • Surveillance of vehicles or pedestrians movements.
  • Surveillance of residential houses, apartments, garages, lockups, boats or airplanes.
  • Surveillance of places of work including offices, production facilities, warehouses, construction sites, storage areas, car parks, or any other public or private areas.
  • Undercover investigations.