Matrimonial Investigations

Employing the services of a private investigator to check on your partner is always a difficult decision. Not knowing is more difficult however.

You simply need answers.

If your partner is being unfaithful then you certainly have the right to know. If they are not then you need proof in order to alleviate your uncertainty and stress. It is only by having the facts that you can confront your partner or get on with your life.

It is a sad fact the 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. This is due largely to infidelity. It is more difficult to establish figures for unmarried couples but there is no reason to think adultry is any less common whether partners live together or not.

In most cases it is changes in behaviour that causes suspicion.

You need to be sure if these changes are innocent or not.

In some cases you will be sure your partner is being unfaithful or at best lying to you and you just need physical proof before you can confront them.

So why do you think your partner is being unfaithful?

  • Gut feeling
  • Acting differently
  • Working Late
  • Staying Out Late
  • New set of friends
  • New clothes
  • Changes in ways they respond to you
  • Evasive or irritable when questioned of their actions
  • Know they have lied to you

All of our final reports will accompanied by photographic and/or video evidence. This will prove that either your fears are justified and that your partner has been unfaithful, or possibly that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind.

It may be that you have recently met a partner, or you are planning a new stage in your relationship, or maybe you are thinking about marriage and you want to know more about the background of your partner. We can supply a variety of information covering either recent or distant history.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.